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How To Get Rid Of Lactic Acid

How To Get Rid Of Lactic Acid

This video provides tips on fitness. Dan Roberts, a physical trainer explains how to completely remove lactic acid from the bloodstream and how to be better equipped in dealing with the production of lactic acid.

If you go to the gym regularly and you lift weights, you no doubt know what lactic acid feels like, it's a burning sensation in your muscles, it's very uncomfortable. However, it's not dangerous at all. Now with lactic acid, if you want to get rid of it quickly, you actually can't, you just have to wait and it goes by itself.

If you wait 90 seconds, 8% of it leaves your bloodstream. If you wait 8 minutes, then all of it goes. So if you want it to fully go, you have to wait 8 minutes.

If you're a professional weightlifter for example and all you care about is strength, just strength, you really want to be fully recovered between sets, so a weight lifter would actually wait 5 to 8 minutes after each set to do the next set, very time consuming. For most of us in the gym, it's not purely about muscle size. It's a combination of things, getting fit and toning.

So, I'd recommend waiting 90 seconds between sets, if you wait 90 seconds, most of the lactic acid, round about 8% according to the most recent studies leaves the bloodstream. That means you're good to go for the next set. That's why if you see, regular kind of weight trainers in gym, they're looking at their watch, looking at the clock in between sets, because they're waiting for that 90 second mark.

Now, a lot of people get confused between muscle soreness and lactic acid. If you're lifting heavy weights and it hurts, that's just muscles being sore; it's not necessarily lactic acid so you don't need to wait a big amount of time. It's usually when you're doing exercises for longer than a minute at a time, that provide the chemical process, the way glucose interacts with the muscles, you get lactic acid as by-product, it's quite technical so you don't need to go into it, but essentially longer than a minute, you get lactic acid.

Less than a minute, it's probably not lactic acid, it's just muscle soreness. Either way, resting a little bit will help you feel recovered and you go on to the next set. So, the key things to remember when trying to get rid of lactic acid is really how long do you have to wait, because you can't get rid of it any quicker, so it's a waiting game.

I'd recommend waiting 90 seconds in between sets. Certain activities produce more lactic acid than others, high kind of power events such as sprinting, 400 meter sprint, rock climbing, these kinds of things produce a lot of lactic acid. You can actually train to get better equipped to deal with it; it's called Lactic Acid Threshold Training.

Basically, if you push yourself through and keep on going when you get lactic acid, your body adapts and becomes more resilient towards it. Somewhat like a cyclist for example, they're fantastic in getting rid of their lactic acid, because they are constantly pushing through their lactate threshold. So if you want to get rid of it, push through it, and if you want it to go, just wait and that's some tips on how to get rid of lactic acid quickly. .