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How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat

How To Get Rid Of Lower Belly Fat

If you are concerned of that lower belly fat, then this advice from a personal trainer might just be what you need.

My name is Nick Mitchell. I'm a personal trainer in London. I own a gym called Ultimate Performance and here in this gym, we train everybody from pop stars ad soap stars to professional athletes and lots and lots of regular people in the art and science of body composition.

Those of you who have an issue with disproportionate amount of lower belly fat, let's define that and say that that's fat underneath the belly button. I defy you to tell me that you think you have a nice easy and relaxed life. A kangaroo pouch is almost always indicative of an overly stressed individual.

The reason for this is that the stress hormone cortisol has tons and tons of receptor sites around the belly and often the lower belly area. I'm going to assume you got your diet right. I'm going to assume that you're exercising.

All the fancy tricks in the world are going to do nothing if you're not eating properly. All the fancy little supplements, all the superduper top secret exercise strategies, they're not going to mean anything unless you get the basics right. So, assuming the basics are all good, the one thing that we need to do with kangaroo pouch is you need to look at the reason why, you need to, I can't give you a specific answer now but there are particular products that work so well, but we're trying to control cortisol.

Now, what really works for the kangaroo pouch is a topical liquorice, salvo liquorice cream. Liquorice, not exactly the liquorice that you eat in the shops, but liquorice as a herb and it's probably the original form. What liquorice does when it's ingested on, when it goes into the body either broadened out on the skin or when you take it through as a capsule or a pill, it extends the half-life of cortisol.

Now, what this means is this means that your adrenal glands only have to work half as hard to produce the same amount of cortisol which then gives your body a rest and it allows everything else to come into balance. And so by balancing out the body, this tends to have a very very positive impact upon the kangaroo pouch. This is specific to the kangaroo pouch.

You can't put liquorice cream on your arm to get a leaner arm. This is very very specific to the lower abdomen area, in the lower belly. If you put the liquorice cream on after showering first thing in the morning within about 2 or 3 weeks, if everything else is right, you can accelerate fat loss in that area probably by a hundred percent.

It's a fantastic product, it's a fantastic protocol that works very well when you get everything right. .