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How To Get Rid Of Milia

How To Get Rid Of Milia

Removing of milia or treatment of milia should be done on the advice of a dermatologist and by a medical doctor who is experienced in this field.

Hello, my name is Doctor Ross Perry. I'm the medical director of cosmetics skin clinics. I'm here today to show you some treatment cases for various skin conditions.

I'm going to do a removal of milia treatment. It's a very common and annoying problem particularly around the eyes and the upper part of the face. It's a very simple treatment if it's done properly.

Often people do pick at these and often can leave marks so it is often best to even though it is relatively simple to remove, it's often best that they're done properly. As we can see it's quite a large little white milia. These pearly little lesions that are often common and they are often very easy to remove.

Often they could be done in a beauty clinic if they're experienced but often if they require lots of them or they are particularly large as these are, then it is often worth doing them in a medical clinic on medical setting. They don't often require local anaesthetic. It's just a simple and cauterization and removal of the milia using a special laser.

We've just completed a milia removal treatment. As you can see it is very straight forward painless treatment and it takes no time at all and the recovery will only be a matter of a couple of days with a little bit of redness and then it will leave a blemish free skin.