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How To Get Rid Of Millia

How To Get Rid Of Millia

How to Rid yourself of Millia: In this Video Jug clip. Millia is a common cystic skin condition. Dr Wakerly shows you how to use a needle to break the wall of the cyst and squeeze out the contents. After watching this video, you will be well informed and on your way to flawless millia-free skin.

I am here today to talk to you about how to get rid of millia. Millia is basically very, very small cysts caused by a blockage in the very small hair follicles normally around the eye area, just under the eye here, sometimes on the lids as well.

I probably wouldn't recommend tweezing them because they wont pop. Because they are cysts, the wall around them is quite tough. You get them as you get older, there is a genetic predisposition as well, and also if you tend to get dry skin, that can predispose as well.

So the best way to get rid of them, they might actually go by themselves with time, or you need to use a very, very fine sterile needle and it is probably best to have it demonstrated to you by a dermatologist or someone specializing in minor surgery. Basically, you just nick the skin very, very, very superficially and gently so it should not bleed. That breaks the wall of the cyst and then you can squeeze out the contents.

They don't tend to reoccur in the same place but because you have got them, you may get some more in other places. I hope this has been useful but if you have any questions on whether it is millia or not, see your GP before using a needle. I hope this has been useful and thank you very much for listening.