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How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin

How To Stop Oily Skin: Using a three part application of Melvita brand products can lock moisture into the skin and prevent oily skin breakouts.

Hi, I'm Simon, the brand manager for Melvita, France's largest certified organic beauty brand and today, we're going to help Fanoola here balance oil production on her skin. So we're going to use the Melvita young skin collection, and first off, Fanoola's going to cleanse the skin with the young skin foaming gel. Now, this product is really easy to use, a simple facial wash formula using natural plant derived surfactants.

Simply take one pump of the formula and apply to the skin in circular motions. Once the product is massaged into the skin, it needs to be rinsed off. So once the skin is perfectly cleansed, we're actually going to add a tonic, a toner stage, to the young skin routine.

Now, this is important because there is a difference between oil production and water moisture. Oily skin still needs water in order to remain hydrated, and so this tonic that Fanoola's about to apply actually is blended with a high level of water based moisturizers and also agave syrup which will actually lock that water moisture in, it's a very humectant ingredient. Fanoola's going to take a couple of drops to the hand and then splash it onto the face.

Now, we recommend applying the skin tonic just literally as a splash onto the face rather than with cotton ball and because when we start to apply product like this to potentially aggravated acne, skin cotton will counteract the skin and cause more irritation. The final stage to the routine is to use seed and balancing fluid to add moisture to the skin and ensure that it's left matte throughout the day. This particular product should be applied like a serum being patted onto the skin rather than smoothed over.

This will help lock the moisture in the skin and ensure that the skin is not irritated during the application process. And that's how you stop oily skin.