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How To Get Rid Of Rats

How To Get Rid Of Rats

How To Get Rid Of Rats On Your Property: If you have a problem with rats, this video will show you some easy ways to remove and prevent rats from returning. It offers great advice on which products to use.

Hello! My name is Graham Selleck. I am the proprietor of Sabre Environmental Property Services. We are pest controllers based in Watford, Hertfordshire.

We are there for all of your pest control needs. There can be few people who would disagree that we need to control rats. The first thing that we need to do, I think, is "personal protection" because rats carry a host of diseases.

The most notable is Weil's disease so, we need some rubber gloves. Try to put one on. We need a torch when we look in our dark places.

Then, we may need, if you have got rats, some of these devices. They may have up to thirteen youngs per litter and between four and six litters per year, so the rate of increase is very steep. What causes rats to come to our property? A lot of it is caused by overfeeding wild birds and by compost bins which do not have a proper base.

We all like timber decking, but it is a big problem for rats. It causes big problems for rats because they can burrow underneath and they have got a nice, dry harborage. If we have rats in the garden, we need to look for burrows.

The most successful was of poisoning rats is to introduce a rodenticide into the burrow. Use either this type, which is a whole grain variety, or you can get a pellet type which is easier to roll down into the hole. So, we find the burrows.

We bait the burrows. If they have got access to the property, we find out how they are entering the property and we cut that entrance off. If it is just one rat that we may find in the shed, we may want to resort to one of these which is a rat back trap.

A rat break back trap is like a mouse trap and as you can see, it is much bigger. This one is a more modern version that is made in plastic and this one is the Finmark MK4 or the springer trap which can be used for larger animals such as squirrels. Bait the traps with chocolate.

Place them so that the treddle is tight up against the wall, preferably wherever you see your rat run. Sooner or later, you will have your rat. Check your rodenticide regularly.

Do not allow it to run out. One of the worst things to do is to let the rodenticide run out. It can, if this continues, cause resistance in rats.

We already have, in some parts of the UK, resistance in generation one rodenticides, which we are offering. We do not want it in generation two, because that is our last resort. There is not a generation three, so be responsible when you use rodenticides.

A rat can enter any property through a hole of the size that you can get a broom handle in, so look very carefully around your property to see how to maybe gain an entrance. If they do, use one of these chaps and sooner or later, you should get one on top of them. If you can not get on top of them, they may be the sort of rats coming from the drains.

Then, I suggest that you get professional advice. I hope that all that I have spoken about helps you with your rat control. Good luck.