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How To Get Rid Of Rats In Your House

How To Get Rid Of Rats In Your House

This video describes the manners in which rats and rodents make entry into your home via vents, plumbing, and foundations. It provides an example of a snap trap, placement of the trap, and proper disposal techniques of the dead rodent.

One of the most common ways that rats can get into your house is usually as a result of defective plumbing. Now, what we got here is a soil pipe, this comes from the lavatory, this will go down underground and this will connect up with the sewer. Now, what happens is over the years, you might get a tree root, might push up against the pipe and break it, might get a little bit of movement and the pipe cracks, the rats then get underneath the house because they burrow from the pipe and they get under your house.

Now, there is not a lot you can do to identify that from the surface. What you would need to do, you need to call in a drain specialist. Air bricks are a way that mice can fit in basically if you got a size of about fifty pence piece, a rat can get in through that, so what we can do, we can cover it with one of these vent covers.

Basically, that will go over the vent and you just to fix them in place, you just drill in each corner and you screw them on. The important thing to remember though is that with this type of cover, don't use it on anything that is venting a gas appliance so don't put it over a boiler outlet. Okay, right, so you've gone around blocking off holes but it's a little too bit late for that, the rats have already got into your home.

Now, one of the things that you can do is use a trap. Now, this is one of the most recent types of traps to come onto the market and this is what we call a snap trap or a break back trap. With this type of trap, what you would do is get old peanut butter that goes into that little central pod there and then the trap is set by activating it like so and then if you are placing traps, it's always best to place it perpendicular to the wall because if the rat comes from either direction, it is going to get captured.

Obviously, the important thing to remember here is you really would not want to use it exposed like this if you had children or pets in the house. One of the best places to put it is back behind the plinth because that is where the rats are getting into, it is out of harm's way and basically another little tip is if you are going to use a trap like this, it's worth securing it with a piece of string put a screw in the floor, tie it off somewhere because with traps, there is always the possibility that rat could get caught and unfortunately, you don't always get a clean kill in that situation. The rat will obviously try and drag off the trap to get away.

Once you've got your capture, the trap has gone off, you have caught the rat, best thing to do is with this type of trap, you can just release the rat by using the mechanism. Drop it into a bag, double bag it, it can go out into the rubbish. You are not doing anything wrong in that respect but you have to double bag it.

Again, gloves are important. And that's how you get rid of rats in your house. .