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How To Get Rid Of Scaly Legs

How To Get Rid Of Scaly Legs

Here are easy and effective instructions on how to cure your chickens? scaly legs due to red mites and keep your chickens healthy.

So, scaly legs in chickens - they live on the legs of the chicks, very easy to catch for wild birds and things, and very easy to bring back into your flock when you buy birds, so check their legs out. The mites burrow in under the skin of the birds? feet, especially feathered feet. It's difficult to spot in feathered feet chickens.

There are lots of things on the market to use for scaly legs but the best treatment I've found from an old farmer friend is Surgical Spirit poured over the feet of the chicken. And then, smear the legs every three days with petroleum jelly or Vaseline to smother the chickens and suffocate them on the legs. Very important to clean your house thoroughly and move it onto fresh ground.

That's how to get rid of red mites, scaly legs and louse. This is just one of many tips derived from my book, The Essential Guide to Choosing and Keeping Happy, Healthy Hens. .