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How To Get Rid Of Spots

How To Get Rid Of Spots

Having zits and spots isn't easy and even the most confident of people can become self-conscious and upset. If you suffer from whiteheads, blackheads and pimples then make sure you follow this advice to get rid of them properly without damaging your skin, and how to keep them at bay forever!

Step 1: Getting Rid of Blackheads

"Blackheads are caused by pores that are blocked with excess oil, and appear black because the oil is exposed to the air which oxidises the grease.
The best way to avoid getting blackheads is to exfoliate regularly, 2-3 times per week, and to avoid using greasy products. Instead use a face wash that is suitable for your face and oil-free.
If you have a blackhead that you wish to get rid of, avoid squeezing it out otherwise you can end up leaving a nasty scar. Instead use pore strips that you simply stick over the blackhead and then pull off, taking the blockage with it."

Step 2: Getting Rid of Whiteheads

"Whiteheads are caused by grease that is trapped under the thinner parts of the skin. The appear white because the trapped grease isn't exposed to the air, unlike that of blackheads.
Do not squeeze a whitehead as you may damage the surrounding skin, instead use an exfoliator 3 times a week and wash your face twice a day with a medicated face wash. You can also use a cleanser that contains either Salicyclic Acid or Alpha Hydroxil Acid after washing your face as these chemicals help to unclog blocked pores."

Step 3: Getting Rid of Pimples

"Pimples are caused by the inability of dead skin cells to be sloughed off the face because of blocked pores. A pimple should never be squeezed as this will simply drive the blockage further under the top layer of your skin.
A qualified dermatologist is able to remove pimples, but as long as you keep your face clean and use a cleanser after you've washed, the pores should be freed of any blockages and the pimple will go down naturally within 2-3 days."