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How To Get Rid Of Verrucas

How To Get Rid Of Verrucas

If you have Verrucas and looking for sound medical treatment to get rid of it, then this video is exactly right for you. It has all the helpful advice and tips which will be useful to eradicate Verrucas.

Hello, I am Charles Goldman. I am qualified chiropodist podiatrist. I run The Foot Pad, chiropody and physical therapy clinic in Holborn, Central London.

Today, I am going to talk to you about various foot problems and their treatment. In this video, we are going to discuss the treatment of Verrucas. First of all, I want to define what a Verrucas is.

The word Verrucas means, the correct terminology is Verrucas pedis. These are caused by a virus, the human papilloma virus of which over a hundred varieties are known. Several of which attack the feet directly.

These spread by contact. So if you go barefoot and somebody else had a Verrucas, whether it is a swimming bath, shower, hotel, anywhere, you can pick up this virus. The recommendation is first of all, is not to go barefoot anywhere but that is very difficult.

Once you have the veruccas, I do not recommend self treatment. The products that you can buy over the counter are generally not strong enough as much as the advertising claims, are not strong enough to do the damage. Basically, what you need to do, to prevent the virus reproducing in the skin, we use also products in clinics that are stronger than the over the counter products.

I get a lot of referrals to me from other chiropodists and doctors. As I use other methods as well as the well-known treatments, freezing and acids. I also use a machine called the bio-gun which is basically an ioniser which literally blows the virus up and kills it directly, one of the few treatments that directly kills the virus.

We also use laser which helps stimulate the immune system and helps you fight the virus yourself. These infections are often caused when people have a low immune response after stressful activities, divorce, deaths, etc. and reduce your immune system.

When people tend to find it, they have infections like this and influenza, colds, etc. Verrucas are related to herpes and other infections, and are particularly advisable not to touch them because they spread by contact. Particularly with ladies, as these are known to be connected with cervical cancer.

So I do not recommend self treatment in any circumstances. Seek help and that is just a bit of advice on the treatment of verrucas. .