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How To Get Rid Of Wasps

How To Get Rid Of Wasps

How to Get Rid of Wasps: Graham Selleck, a professional pest controller, describes how to easily remove pesky wasps and wasp nests. Beware of health concerns dealing with wasps and hire a professional in tough situations.

Hello, my name is Graham Selleck. I am the proprietor of Sabre Environmental Property Services. We are pest controllers based in Wattford Harfordshire.

We are there for all your pest control needs. Now we're going to talk about what you do if you have a wasp nest in your loft, which is a classic place to get them. First thing is you must take care.

Between four and eight people in every thousand will have a severe reaction to a wasp sting. Indeed, thousands of people die worldwide per year from being stung by wasps. They can cause severe allergic reaction such as anaphylaxis.

So if you know you are highly reactant to wasp stings, do not attempt to do wasp control yourself, call in a professional. So, we have a wasp nest in the loft, what do we do? First thing to think is P.P.

E., personal protection equipment. We need gloves, a mask which will stop the vapor from the spray you're going to use, we need glasses to protect the eyes from the chemical we're going to be spraying and we need light in the loft.

We need to be very aware that the torch can be an attractant for the wasps so ideally, if we're going to treat a nest in the loft, we need an additional light source away from us. Many people have a light in the loft. If you don't, I suggest you rig up electic light so that any wasps that are attracted and excited by the treatment we're going to do go to the light and are not attracted to you personally.

So we have our P.E.E on.

We need to buy a product from the hardware store,which is a wasp nest destroyer. This product will work from approximately twelve feet away from the nest. So we enter the loft space, we have our P.

P.E equipment on. We spray the exterior of the nest with this product.

This will have an effect of wetting the guard wasps that sit on the outside of the nest and the fumes that it gives off will disorient them. Allow a few seconds for this to work and then we can move closer to the nest and then we can apply more of the wasp nest destroyer. Soak the nest in it.

Then, we need to have a stick or some implement to open the nest. Poke the nest while applying more and more of the wasp nest detroyer until the whole nest is saturated. Then we can retire, close the loft hatch, and let the chemical work.

We spoke about how to deal with nests in loft spaces, just for the old nuisance wasp, apply the aerosole, which is a fly and wasp killer, do it in an air burst in the room, after first removing our goldfish. One or two second bursts into the room. Leave the room.

Close the door. Come back, and the odd wasp or two that we may have will be demised. Take care with wasps, there is a stinger in the tail.

Follow my instructions and you will be able to remove the nest from the loft sucsessfully. If we have nests in awkward positions, that require ladders, specialists equipment to deal with them, call a professional. Don't attempt it yourself.

It's not worth having an accident for a wasps' nest. Pay a few pounds, get a professional in, and we'll get the job done, and quickly.