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How To Get Ripped Calves

How To Get Ripped Calves

Ripped calves muscles are a pivotal part of securing that sexy body. Learn a simple and effective exercise in this video that will have increase your muscle tone and definition in no time!

Hi, I'm Joe from Soho Gyms and today we're at the Waterloo site. I'll be showing you how to make great muscles. Today we're looking at how to get ripped calves.

And for this, we'll be using the leg press. The leg press is usually used for your quads, but we can also vary up the exercise and the machine so it works on your calves instead. For this, what we're going to do is position our legs onto the bottom of the lip, on the plate, so that the toe is facing the top and the heel is down below.

Then we're going to extend the legs out straight, and keeping the legs straight, you're going to drop the heels down and press back out onto the toes. What you should feel is as you press the toes up, and extend back, you're going to feel the calves muscles engaging and working hard. For females, if you're looking to tone up your calves, you're looking to get a comfortable weight for about fifteen repetitions and three sets.

For the guys, if you want to increase your muscle size, you're looking at about, a weigh which is comfortable, for about eight to ten reps, again for three sets. When you finish the exercise, all you want to do is straighten out your legs, bend the knees slightly, and lay yourself down nice and slow, and relax down. By performing this exercise, you'll get yourself ripped up calves. .