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How To Get Rock Hard Abs

How To Get Rock Hard Abs

In this video, fitness professional Dan Roberts will show you how to get rock hard abs and a sexy six-pack!

If you want to get rock hard abs, there's a few things you need to do. First of all, you need to assess where you are. If you've already got quite a lot of body fat, that means more than 20%, you really should be looking at a general weight loss program.

That means eating well, training some cardio and doing some resistance training. As your body fat gets a bit lower, around about 12%, you'll start seeing a six-pack. Then, it's more about being stricter on nutrition, particularly carbs, and also doing some abdominal exercises.

Again, as you get even lower and lower, to a fitness model level, it becomes even more important to get your nutrition, your supplementation, and your exercises correct. I'm going to show you a great exercise, once you've already got lower body fat, to tighten up, and to get more ripped and harder abdominals. This exercise is using a Swiss ball, we're going to do a sit-up, what's great about doing a sit-up on a Swiss ball, you have a full range of movement, so you're working all the way through your rectus abdominis.

It's too easy, normally, so I'm going to use a weight to make it even harder. Choose a weight, you don't need heavy, I'm using five kilos, even the strongest kind of guys can maybe do 20 kilos, you don't need to get crazy. Here, going down, and up.

To make it tougher, I just extend my arms. This is a really good exercise to get rock hard abs. .