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How To Get Smooth Skin

How To Get Smooth Skin

Natural dermatologist and clinical nutritionist Claudia Louch explains how to look after the quality and smoothness of your skin by selecting the right skin care products and diet.

If you want to have smooth skin, there are a number of options you can consider. However, the most important thing is that you get your nutrition right as well. What you put in your body is very important; any type of food is fuel for your body.

You wouldn't put, for example, diesel in a gasoline driven car, it's the same with your body. So make sure not to eat too many fried foods, fatty foods, not too many nuts and seeds, that might sound controversial to some of you but actually, it's fat, it's mono-unsaturated fat, but fat is fat, so your skin actually doesn't react to it terribly well. Prefer leaner foods and leaner cuts of meat, of fish, such as, for example, chicken and turkey, sea bass, brine cod, haddock, vegetables and fruits are all fine, but make sure that you nourish yourself very well.

Now, it's very important that you choose your products wisely, there's a wide range you can choose from in the shops, but I'm going to tell you the products that I actually personally prefer and apply in my own clinic. Now, it is important that you don't use fat based products. The fatter the creams, the more actually they tend to clog up your skin, because fat bases, they sit on your skin, they can't actually penetrate into your skin, they heat up the skin underneath.

You have to understand that the skin is a living and breathing organ, it needs oxygen, it needs actually a lot from the environment to function properly, your skin can actually become ill. So it's really important that you don't actually cover it up with a really greasy fatty cream. So, the best creams are actually water based products, they're much gentler and you can reapply them if you need to.

I personally prefer actually products which are water based, and also washes which are water based, and definitely creamy washes, so don't use any harsh washes, they do not work very well with your skin. So, use a nice gentle creamy wash. I personally prefer aloe or calendula which is marigold, some liquorice based washes or rose based washes which are all very nice and gentle on your skin.

Now, very often, they will come in a little sort of cream jar, whatever cream jar you use, don't put your fingers into them because you actually contaminate the creams with bacteria, we have bacteria on our hands, so wash your hands before you use anything, then extract the cream actually out of the jar and then apply it very gently onto your skin. Wash your skin only at night with the creamy soap, or creamy detergent you have. Don't use it in the morning, use only cold water, that's really enough.

So, in the evening, you use actually your cream based, water based wash. You use a little skin brush which is actually quite ideal because that will smooth out your skin very, very well, because these little brushes, they actually work as exfoliators, but very gentle exfoliators. So, you actually put them under some warm water, you have to wash all over your face at this point, a creamy wash, and you very gently brush the wash into your skin.

You can use it on the neck area as well, always use an upwards strike, rather than from up to down go from down to up, and then remove the wash with warm water again. It's very important to tone the skin, don't use alcohol bases, they really don't work very well with your skin because they just will dry out your skin. So, use a really nice little water based.

You can choose from many toners over the counter in the shops, but make sure they don't contain alcohol. I prefer the plant based ones; again, they're based on rose and orange and yarrow, you can use a wide range of those toners. This one is an orange based toner; it has natural vitamin C in it.

What you do is you shake the little bottle, you spray it onto your skin, the toner that is, then you pad the toner very gently into your skin. Just leave it a little while, then apply a nice, very light day cream. The day cream, for example, could be