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How To Get The Best Pitch At A Festival

How To Get The Best Pitch At A Festival

You're off to a music festival and you've got your tent - but where are you going to pitch it? We here at VideoJug reveal how to get yourself the best camping spot. We also provide you with a list of festival camping dos and don'ts for individuals and those camping with friends, plus insider knowledge to keep you and your tent clean, dry and safe on site while you enjoy the bands. So find out how to get the best pitch at a festival with VideoJug's help.

Step 1: You will need

  • 1 A tent
  • 1 Roll of sticky tape
  • Unemployed mates
  • 1 Flag
  • 2 Earplugs

Step 2: Get there early

There's no great secret to getting a good spot – the only sure-fire way to get first pick is to turn up as early as you can and mark out your territory. Some sites let you arrive the night before, but check with the organisers in advance rather than turning up out of the blue. If you have unemployed friends in your group, make use of them! Send them down as an advance party to reserve an area for your own tent by marking it out with tape.

Step 3: Find a landmark

To help you navigate, pitch your tent near an easy-to-spot landmark. The more distinctive, the better - after you've had a few beers, all tents will start to look the same. This could be a tree, someone else's giant tent, or any other campsite oddity.

Step 4: Get in the ‘zone'

When choosing your spot, suss out the vibe of each camping area – some sites mark themselves out early on as ‘party zones', whilst others are designated specifically for families and require more considerate camping. Some stages and beer tents stay open later than others, so be aware of your surroundings when choosing your spot. No matter where you camp, it's never going to be silent – that's what ear plugs are for.

Step 5: Set up camp

If you're going in a group, set your tents up in a circle with the entrances facing inwards. You can keep an eye on the contents of one another's tents and you'll also have your own semi-private social area where you hang out and relax. You may even want to raise your own flag to help guide your friends back to base camp.

Step 6: Don't be anti-social

Blocking off your area completely makes it harder for others to find camping space and to navigate the site. Check whether fires, gas stoves and barbeques are allowed before you set them up, and always use them at a safe distance from your tent to minimise the risk of fire.

Step 7: There's no such thing as a ‘perfect pitch'

It's tempting to trek around the entire site in search of the perfect camping spot but trust us – it doesn't exist. No matter where you put your tent, there will be upsides and downsides so just concentrate on finding somewhere clean and reasonably convenient. That said, there are some definite festival no-nos...

Step 8: Where not to camp

Never pitch your tent at the foot of a hill – water runs downhill, and as soon as it rains your tent will be flooded with mud.

Stay well away from the campsite toilets – it may seem convenient when you first arrive, but after a few hours they'll start to whiff. You'll be woken by early morning sewage trucks and even if it doesn't rain, the water pipes around the cubicles soon make the ground muddy. Should the worst happen, and the toilets flood, you could even wake up in a stinking puddle of poo.

Don't camp right by the walkway - a spot about three tents in from the path is good as it's still easy to find and access, but you stand less chance of being peed on or having your tent crushed by drunken passers-by.

One final word of advice: pitch your tent before you get drunk – you'll be surprised how complicated it can be....