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How To Get The Boss To Pay You More Money

How To Get The Boss To Pay You More Money

Firstly, do you deserve a raise? If the answer's yes then here are some tips on the best way to ask your boss for more money. Watch this VideoJug film, and if you do things properly, hopefully you will be getting the boss to pay you more money soon.

Step 1: Why do you deserve a raise?

Document your achievements and qualifications.

Step 2: How much to ask for?

Call recruitment agencies for a guide. Check salary surveys and trade organisations.

Aim on the slightly higher side.

Think about your plan B regarding more in non-monetary terms.

Step 3: When's the best time to ask?

Don't ask when the company's going through a stressful period or when you've done little to deserve it.

Be aware of standard increase time-frames.

Step 4: Keep it professional

Schedule a meeting. Come with the relevant material.

Don't mention 'need' - keep it relevant to what you've done.

Don't be too rigid.

Step 5: Get it in writing

They may need to first confirm it - then get it in writing.

Step 6: Plan B

If unsuccessful have a plan B, lower terms, alternative terms (non-monetary).