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How To Get The Tyra Banks Look With Annaliese Dayes

How To Get The Tyra Banks Look With Annaliese Dayes

In this episode of Models' Corner America's Next Top Model star and presenter Annaliese Dayes shows you how to do a glamorous Tyra Banks inspired makeup look - perfect for when you want to take your look from day to night!

Products Used

  • Homemade Scrub - Olive Oil And Sugar
  • Nars - Exhibit A
  • Mac - Extra Dimension Highlighter
  • Rimmel - Lipliner 1000 Kisses
  • Mac - Red Lipstick

Step 1: Use A Lip Scrub

Mix a small amount of olive oil and granulated sugar together and rub it into your lips. This gets rid of any dead skin and helps make them smooth and soft so they are ready for lipstick later on.

Step 2: Apply Some Blush

Apply Nars Exhibit A to your cheekbones using a blush brush. It helps if you smile too. Tyra Banks loves blush!

Step 3: Apply Highlighter

Apply Mac Extra Dimension Highlighter just above your cheek area and blend it in well. Also apply a small amount to your brow bone to tie the whole look together. Now your cheeks should be looking fabulous!

Step 4: Apply Lipliner

Apply Rimmel Lipliner 1000 Kisses to along the natural line of your lip. Don't worry if the inside of the line is messy but try to keep the outside line neat.

Step 5: Apply Red Lipstick

Apply Mac Red Lipstick to your lips and tidy around the edges with a cotton bud.

Step 6: Apply Concealer

Spread a small amount of concealer around the edge of your lips to seal in the colour.