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How To Get Thicker Eyebrows

How To Get Thicker Eyebrows

It's always better to have good-looking thick eyebrows so learn these few steps on how to have thicker eyebrows, of course, from a makeup artist.

So, now, I'm going to show you how you can achieve a thicker looking eyebrow. So, when you use an eyebrow brush, there are loads of different eyebrow brushes you can get, I'm using this one because I just find it very easy to use, called a mini brush. It's really lightweight and as you're holding it, it's just easy to use and manipulate.

I bought this from Crown Brushes online. They sell them in all sorts of professional makeup shops, you could go to Mac, you could go to Screen Face, you can go the Charles Fox. The best type of eyebrow brushes has a really small head.

The bristles are a lot firmer, a lot harder than an eye shadow brush. This one's angled which I find really easy to work with. You can get straight ones.

So, to show you how to use an eyebrow brush, I'm going to use this one which is one of the mini ones, just because it's my personal favourite, I find it easy to hold, it doesn't get in my way, there's nothing too much sticking out beyond my hand and it's got the nice angled edge to it and really short brush which I find is good for precision work. So, I'm going to take up some products. I'm just going to use eye shadows.

I'm mixing a dark brown and a light brown. Obviously, that's because I do make-up for a living. I will use colours but you will go out and purchase an eyebrow powder or an eye shadow powder that suits your eyebrow colour.

So, I've got plenty of products on here and I just like to take a little bit off of my hand so that I don't load the eyebrow up too much at once. You can always add more but it's very difficult once you've put it on, to take it off. So, now, I've got some products on the brush.

I'm just going to start, running that through the eyebrow, just filling in the gaps. And of course, right now, if you want to make the eyebrow thicker, the best thing to do for a subtle look is to go slightly underneath and then slightly on top, rather than putting a great big line on the top, just a little bit underneath and a little bit on top is less obvious. It goes slightly above the natural eyebrow and all those gaps.

And you can see that that eyebrow now looks a lot thicker than this one. And that's how to make a thicker eyebrow. .