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How To Get Wavy Curls

How To Get Wavy Curls

How To Put A Wave Into Straight Hair: Turn your straight hairdo into something bouncy and wavy for the night, using these simple tips from hairstylist Andrew Jose.

Hello. My name's Andrew Jose of Andrew Jose Salon in Charlotte Street, London. How to put a wave into straight hair, I've chosen today to use a curling iron.

Now, if the hair is very clean, then a good way of prepping it is just to take a little bit of hair spray. I'm using JLife Hair Fix, just right through, because very clean hair is very difficult to curl. Then, taking a small section, lift out and hold, with tension.

Open your irons, and place the irons close to the root of the hair being careful not to touch the head, and wrap the hair around the barrel of the curl, just holding the tips, and then shake out. And what you're left with is a wave. I'll do that once more.

Take a small piece of hair; place the iron close to the scalp, but not touching the scalp. Curl the hair around the shaft. Just hold the tips, the ends of the hair, with your fingers and just let it slide off.

And you're left with simple, loose waves.