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How To Get Your Dog To Swallow Medication

How To Get Your Dog To Swallow Medication

VideoJug has taken advice from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home on how to comfortably administer your dog eye drops or ointment. Learn how to give your dog its medication without the fuss with this simple tutorial.

Step 1: You will need

  • Tablets or liquid medication

Step 2: Adding medication to food

It is sometimes possible to add tablets or droplets to your pet's food. If you are using tablets, mix them into wet food so they will stick to the food. Mix them into a small quantity of food and give it to your dog when he is hungry so all the food is eaten. You can also push the tablet inside a soft treat.

Step 3: Hold your dog securely

If possible, ask someone to hold your dog while you apply the medication.

If this is not possible, position your dog in front of a wall or your body and get him to sit or lie down, or hold him gently between your knees. See VideoJug's 'How to train your dog to sit and lie down' for tips on how to do this.
You may need to muzzle your dog if you can't hold him in a relaxed position.

Step 4: Tablets

Put your hand over the top of your dog's nose with your thumb and fingers on either side of his mouth. Tilt the head back. Push on the lips just behind the canine teeth, which are the large fang shaped teeth, and the mouth should open.

Hold the tablet between the thumb and forefinger of your other hand. Press down on the front of the lower jaw between the canine teeth with your other fingers. Put the pill onto your dog's tongue as far back as you can get it.

Close the mouth until your dog has swallowed. Stroke his throat or rub his nose to encourage him to swallow.

Step 5: Liquid medication

Put your hand over the top of your dog's nose and tilt his head back. Lift the upper lip and position the tip of the syringe in the gap behind the canine teeth. Squirt small amounts of the liquid into the mouth gradually.

Remember to give your dog a treat to take the taste away.