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How To Get Your Partner In The Mood

How To Get Your Partner In The Mood

If you're feeling frisky, pick up some tips and tricks to get your partner in the mood for love with VideoJug's help

Step 1: Smell

Get those nostrils flaring with smells such as jasmine and sandalwood, and waft them around yourself and your sanctuary. Don't be obsessively hygienic as the odour of antiseptic wipes and cleaning fluid is unlikely to create the right mood. Showering twice a day, for instance, will wash away some of your pheromones, those natural odours that attract a man to a woman like a dog to a bone.

Step 2: Taste

Stimulate his tastebuds and with some of his favourite food. Oysters may be the obvious choice, but food containing chilli or chocolate are also aphrodisiacs as, and here's the science bit, they release feel-good chemicals called endorphins. If you're not getting the right chemical reaction, try engaging his more primitive instincts by tempting him with visually suggestive food, such as papaya, asparagus, or hot dogs. If you're not managing to create the right mood at the dinner table, suggest taking some chocolate, or perhaps honey, to the bedroom.... but beware the laundry bill.

Step 3: Sight

Nothing says 'i love you' like making an effort with your appearance. A new outfit is usually enough to arouse more than his curiosity.
Dress up,
Dress down,
Dress unusually.
Take advantage of flattering, seductive lighting by dimming the lights…. Or, if you don't have a dimmer switch, just leave a lamp on.
Try watching a film together... Even if it isn't about romance, watching an action or scary movie has the potential to bring you closer together.

Step 4: Hearing

If music be the food of love, play it louder. Make his ears tingle with romantic music and the sound of your soft, sweet prose. Play him 'your song'. Tell him what he wants to hear. Be attentive and interested in hearing about his day. Seduce him with compliments, and when you've said enough, know when it's time to let your actions do the talking.

Step 5: Touch

Now you're getting somewhere… play your trump card and get those nerve endings tingling through the power of touch. Relax your partner by massaging him with your fingers, and then try using different parts of your body. Use light, feathery touches
hard, aggressive touches
or even spontaneous, surprising touches.
Be creative and find the less obvious erogenous zones such as the inside of the arm, the back of the neck, even around the ear.
Instigate a game such as a pillow fight ... and after all your efforts, lie back and let him indulge your senses.