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How To Gift Wrap A Glass Bottle

How To Gift Wrap A Glass Bottle

This VideoJug film shows you how to wrap a bottle with gift paper. It helps you in wrapping your next gift in a nice way the next time you present someone with a bottle of wine.

Hi, I am Elva from Wrapology. Today, I am going to give you some tips on gift wrapping. I need ribbon, paper scissors, side tape and double sided tape.

First, you may turn the paper. Put the bottle in the middle. The paper has to go around the bottle.

And do it close, with double sided tape. For the bottom, we use the same technique as in "How to wrap a circular gift". So you push the bottle at the end to close the paper just right in the middle.

And then we wrap it like a circular gift. Pull the outer joint in the middle. And we close it with side tape.

Then turn the bottle. Now make it flat. So, this is the neck.

This is the top of your bottle. We cut this and we fold it. And fold it in.

We put a piece of side tape here. Now, we take the ribbon. For this wrapping, we need to have the ribbon, because the bottle is kind of heavy.

So we can use the ribbon to hold the bottom. So we go back to the top, and make a simple bow here. And we tape the ribbon.

This is how you wrap a bottle with paper.