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How To Give A Balinese Massage

How To Give A Balinese Massage

Follow this simple guide and learn how to do a relaxing and stimulating Balinese back massage using oils and simple hand techniques.

Hello, my name is Cheryl Pierre, I'm a therapist at Waterloo Body Station in London and I'm here today to show you some techniques for a Balinese back massage. We are going to start the massage with a hand on the upper thoracic region and on the base of the spine on the sacrum and we are going to rock the body to release the spine, you can take your arms down and back up. I'm going to gently come to a still point.

For the next step, we are going to actually get on to the couch to do some compression work on the back. We are going to start with my facial diagonal stretch, with one hand on the sacrum the other on T12 and we're are going to sink in and stretch. Hold that for a few seconds.

Following that, we'll be doing some acupressure up the bladder channel all the way up to the ox point. The we are going to be skin rolling up the bladder channel, the erector spina muscles to release the fascia in the direction of the muscle fibers, and we do that in three lines.
Now I'm moving on to the oil based part of the massage and I'll be using virgin coconut oil for it's cooling properties blended with ginger to warm up and relax the tissues.

I'm going to go in to effleurage up and down the back and the neck. Repeat that on the other side. Using the forearms we are going to open up the back.

We are going to be using thumb stripping now to work into the lower back, from the ribs down to the top of the hip, and we'll be working across the fibers. We are thumb rolling up the spine in the direction of the muscle fibers, along the top of the upper trapezius, around the scapula and back down.
I'm going to use my soft fist, working to the rhomboids.

Then I'll come to the head of the table. Use soft fists to sink in to the upper trapezius and up the neck and then little circles around the base of the oxpet, palming down across the glutes and the lower back, leaning in. With each stroke you'll take it a little bit deeper.

That's how to do a Balinese massage.