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How To Give A Deep Tissue Massage

How To Give A Deep Tissue Massage

Use these simple deep tissue techniques to really relax muscles in the back, legs and arms. Feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

I'm from Waterloo Body Station Therapy Rooms and today we're going to show you how do to deep tissue techniques on the back. What you would do is you would begin as you would a normal massage, so you are going to start with some gentle effleurage sweeping. It's very important to get the muscles warmed up, it's even more important then in a general massage to have your general strokes to begin with because you have really got to get the muscles and your client warm and relaxed.

After doing that for a couple of minutes, you might want to do kneading, as you did before kneading from one side to the other, just generally over the whole body. You would possibly go slower than I m now, I'm just showing you some kneading work. Do both sides of the body.

With deep tissue, it's not necessarily all about pressing harder it's about going slower. You are really listening to the muscles and you're allowing the muscle to relax and let you in. For an example, I'm going to go along the spine, along the erectors using my elbow and forearm, never touching the spine just working on either side.

Along here, these muscles are very sensitive so go gentle. It is really about working slowly. Across the shoulder blades, you are using your forearms.

I'm using partly the bone if I ant to go really deep. Perhaps to begin with I'd use more the fleshy part, wrists always relaxed and I'm just leaning down. I'm not pushing I'm just leaning my body.

You have always got to allow the muscles to let you in. I will probably use forearm, you might want to use the fleshy part or rotating like this is really nice. Everything is really slow.

Once you have finished any of these techniques just do some sweeping techniques. The QL is a very important muscle so just digging in. You can utilize those techniques over the whole back, the legs, the arms.

It is just about going slowly, exploring with different body parts, checking in with your client and listening to the muscle. if there is an area of tension just sit on it and listen and allow it to relax before you move on and that is how you would use deep tissue techniques.