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How To Give A Goodnight Kiss

How To Give A Goodnight Kiss

So, you've had a great date, and you know you want to kiss her, and you're hoping she feels the same way... Here are some pointers to a successful goodnight kiss.

Step 1: Determine Her Interest (Or Lack Of It)

So, you've had a great date, and – because your parents raised you properly – you've walked your girl to her front door. You know you want to kiss her, and you're hoping she feels the same way - so you go for it.

"“But how do I know if she wants to kiss me?,” you ask. William Cane, in his book, The Art of Kissing, says that 90% of men have no idea when a woman wants to be kissed.

Relationship expert Dr. Joy Brown explains in Dating for Dummies that a woman's body language can tell you if she wants to be kissed or not. You should definitely learn that language of love…or face the dreaded turning of the cheek.

If she's really disgusted by you, she'll turn her head so far, you won't even get the cheek…you'll get the ear.
You've got yourself an extremely red light if she has her key out of her purse, in the front door lock, and you're saying goodnight to her back.

Other red lights may include:
Lips clamped so tight you'd need a crowbar to part them
A stubborn refusal to make eye contact
Getting the hand that says "stop right there"

Step 2: Making The Move

In every goodnight kiss scenario, you've got a limited “Window of Opportunity – to make your move.
So once you get the coveted “green light,” go in for the kiss.

Step 3: The Kiss

Alright, Romeo, if you're ready to close the deal with fair Juliet, all you have to do is create an “awkward pause” in the conversation. Studies show that people are uncomfortable with gaps of silence in conversation. So fill it with a smile…and get ready for that kiss.

Since this is your first kiss with this fine young lass, follow the K.I.S.S. acronym, and Keep It Simple, Stupid. Your lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of her fingers. Which means even a soft 'n sweet kiss will curl her toes.

So, turn your head slightly to the side, lean in slowly and rock her world! So there it is. Another successful goodnight kiss.