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How To Give A Man A Simple Haircut

How To Give A Man A Simple Haircut

Save some money by doing haircuts at home. Watch this video to learn how to give a simple mans haircut.

Today, I'm going to show you how to give a man a simple haircut. For this you're going to need some scissors and a comb. So, I'm just going to start by pulling the hair across.

Make a nice section. I'm just going to pull this front bit up as tight as you can. And just put it up.

I'm just going to trim this so I'm just going to take about this much off. I'm just going to come down with the scissors and just texturize it. And then take my next section.

Pull it up tight. Do exactly the same thing following the guide line from the hair that you cut in the front. I'm just going to work my way back to the crown.

Just put a nice bit of texture in it. Give it a bit of movement on the top. I want to make all the way back to the crown and then push it forward.

Push it over to the side and then take my next section following the guide line from the from where I cut first of all. Keeping the sections nice and tight. I'm going to pull that forward.

And I'll take this next section at the front, keeping it tight, pulling it out just at an angle there. Put some more texture into it. Alright, now I'm going to take this lower section down here.

Pull this out at a right angle. And then just put some more texture into this. Still following my guide lines from before.

Alright. Now, I'm just going to start with this lower section. Just comb the hair down.

Get the head straight. And get the hair following the guide lines. Just pull the hair out at right angles.

Just give that some texture and then just work your way around the back. Keeping it nice and tight and pulling it at a right angle so you get a nice shape to it. And just continue working around to this side.

Just follow any guide lines from before. And just come to this side section and just pull it down straight and just go up and just give it a little bit of texture. Pull it down nice and tight.

Okay lets come around to the other side. Just do exactly the same thing. Just pull it down tight again.

Alright. Okay. Now, lets get to this back section.

Right. Lets pull this front section down nice and tight. Get that nice and flat just pull that down and again lets put some texture into it.

Just cutting into the hair. Just to give the fringe a nice textured look rather than it being a real heavy line at the front. Stand back.

Have a look at the shape. Make sure it's not to short. Then if you want to go around it and just kind of check it the best way to do it is check it the opposite way to you cut it.

So, just come up and just go this way and then work your way up just going the opposite way that you cut in the first place. Alright. Okay.

Now we've dried the hair off. We're just going to put some products in it. Something quite nice and light just to bring out the texture in it.

Our cut in it. So, I'm just using some of this hair clay. Just rub it in your hands and just work it into the hair.

Just a little bit more. Just work that through. This will help bring out the texture.

Give it a bit of movement on the top. There we are. And that's how to give a man a simple haircut.