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How To Give A Slide Presentation

How To Give A Slide Presentation

To make a perfect slide presentation, make sure you have a clear knowledge about the topic and make it simple and short to attract the attention of the audience.

Hi. I am Simon Bucknall, and in 2008, I won the European Championship of Public Speaking. At the Art of Connection, we help ambitious professionals to connect with their audience.

We do it with world class communication expertise into the training room to enable our clients to persuade and inspire others. How to give an effective slide presentation, or you all might prefer to think of it as how to read life back into death by slides. Okay, we have got an example of two very different sources of slides.

First is a slide packed with information. You can see the bullet points, i.e.

here, bits of dates of packs of table packed with information. Here, we have got a very simple slide with just one key message. If you are going to deliver a slide presentation effectively, the slides are there to support you and help the audience and not to replace you.

Clarity is absolutely key and I suspect you have been there when a presentation I stand and I pull up the slides and you and the audience read the slides and then the presenter reads them out loud back to us. That becomes a visual crutch instead of a visual aid. So, if you are going to deliver a slide presentation effectively, I suggest you to keep your slide as simple as possible because if you see a slide that looks like that, how do you know the way it's supposed to look? You spend the whole time trying to do safer walks on it.

So, that's why I suggest if you possibly can, out of the complex slides and keep it simple and ideally keep them visual images worth much better than words, the bullet points. A picture tells us a thousand words where it should. If you have to use complex slides perhaps, okay, when you stand at deck for example which happened to me when I went to talk to a school in bullet points, then there is a very simple technique you can use to help and manage your slides effectively with your audience.

And it's the B button on the keyboard because if you press the letter B, the screen goes blank so what that enables you to do is what I did with this, grouping six forums when I was talking to you about University entrance. I put up the slide, I said take a moment and read the slide, when you are done, I said right focus on point three which was the next slide that I want that out and I wanted you to really explore, press B, screen goes blank, all the attraction comes back to me as the speaker and making them talk about it. It's a really powerful tool to use when you are presenting.

Pressed the letter B, you send the screen blank and now what? You know whether the audience is focused on you instead of reading your slides. It also perhaps gives a clue to all the answers in that question. That people show, at last, how many slides do I use in a presentation? Well, the answer is as many as you need because what accounts is not how many slides do you have, what accounts is how simple and clear the information is on the slides and how effectively, whether the slides are complex or not, you can deliver a really effective slide presentation. .