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How To Give An Impromptu Speech

How To Give An Impromptu Speech

You can complete your impromptu speech with a phrase, 'and that's why'. You have to make your speech interesting and people should enjoy listening to it.

Hi. I'm Simon Bucknall and in 2008, I won the European Championship in Public Speaking. In the Art of Connection, we help ambitious professionals to connect with their audience and we do it, by bringing world class communications' expertise into the training room to enable our clients to persuade influence and inspire others.

The thoughts of speaking impromptu is enough to frighten the life out of many speakers and for good reason after all, what could be more scary than having to speak in front of an audience with no time to prepare. Well in my experience, one process that I found really helpful and perhaps you will too, is the PSP formula. Now what does that stand for? Answer: Point - Support - Point.

Sounds simple, doesn't it? But that's because it is. Take a simple easy question, like 'what's your favourite colour?' And if you've ever been speed dating, you've probably been asked that kind of question, something that puts you on the spot. Well, less experienced presenters make the same mistake of going, 'What's my favourite colour? Oh don't know, pink, blue, oh no it's.

' before they know it, they're lost.

Commit to your point and that means in this case, going for an answer, 'my favourite colour is blue.' As soon as you say 'blue', in your mind, all sorts of associations will come into play, maybe it's the ocean or the sky or Edington Football Club or maybe you're a Chelsea supporter. The point is that once you commit to your point and that takes a little faith, your mind will find support for that point.

Associations from your experience, go with that, roll with that, see where it takes you. Who knows, you might even get a story. I remember my neighbour, he painted his door blue because he was a big Edington supporter, there you go.

Already, you got a miniature story. Finish by repeating your point and that's the second P. The PSP, the final P is to repeat the point and a really useful phrase you can use is a transition into that end is the phrase 'and that's why'.

And that's why my favourite colour is blue. So, that's the formula for impromptu speaking. Point - Support - Point. .