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How To Give Birth To Twins

How To Give Birth To Twins

This video discusses how twins are delivered and how to give birth to twins. Nora Campbell discusses the process, including what to expect, and how the hospital will help you with any problems or questions.

Hi, I'm Laura Campell from baby ladies and I'm going to be giving you some tips on how look after your new born and how to achieve the birth that you want. How to give birth to twins, really exciting that your expecting more then one baby, that doesn't mean that its going to be twice as long or twice as painful, it just means that things are slightly different to someone having a single term. So the main thing is, that you're maybe going to have a bit more help from the hospital or from your midwife, or maybe have a bit more monitoring if you were having one bay, but that's a really good thing, because it means you're going to be in a position to really plan your birth, and try and get the birth, and to try and get the birth that you want, and have the help that you want in order to achieve that.

So, it's not going to be twice as long, and it's not going to be twice as painful. And the main thing to remember in any birth, is to be as relaxed as possible, whatever the situation is and just be able to birth your baby naturally, or in a way that you feel the most comfortable with. So the majority of twins that are born, or the majority of multiple births, tend to have smaller babies, so that's where it's not twice as painful or twice as difficult.

You will however have two second phases, some people call it the pushing phase. So what will happen is, if you're having a normal vaginal birth, you will have your baby, first baby, paving the way for the second baby, and staying really relaxed, really positive and really focused will make things a lot easier. And then your second baby is going to be delivered just like your first baby.

So the only difference is, after your first baby has been born, the midwife, the obstetrician whoever is helping you with your birth, is going to want to look and see if the baby is in the optimal position, if the baby is in the optimal position, then great, you can have another baby the exactly same way as you had the first one. If you have any complications, you have a team around you to help you give birth in the way to give birth you want for that baby. So don't be frightened of having twins or having more then one baby, it's a really positive fantastic experience, you get two at the end instead of one! .