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How To Give Your Dog Ear Drops

How To Give Your Dog Ear Drops

VideoJug present a step by step film on how to safely and easily give your dog ear drops and ointment. Made with advice from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London, this film will allow you to safely give your poorly dog its ear drops to make it well again.

Step 1: You will need

  • Ear drops or ointment

Step 2: Hold your dog securely

If possible, ask someone to hold your dog while you apply the medication.

If this is not possible, position your dog in front of a wall or your body and get him to sit or lie down, or hold him gently between your knees. See VideoJug's 'How to train your dog to sit and lie down' for tips on how to do this.
You may need to muzzle your dog if you can't hold him in a relaxed position.

Step 3: Apply the medication

Lift or hold the ear flap between your thumb and forefinger. With the other hand, put the correct amount of ear drops or ointment into the opening.

Keep hold of the ear flap while you put the bottle down. With your free hand, massage the side of your dog's head to help the medication move down the ear canal.

Wipe away any excess medication and let go of the ear flap.

Remember to give your dog a treat afterwards.