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How To Go Fishing For Ice

How To Go Fishing For Ice

Go Fishing For Ice. Mad Scientist Jack Martin shows us a special scientific way to go ice fishing. An interesting video for kids of all ages!

Step 1: You will need

  • some ice
  • some water
  • a pen or pencil
  • a piece of thread
  • some salt

Step 2: Aim

The aim of the experiment is to demonstrate the principle of enthalpy on water as it turns to ice.

Step 3: Method

Pour some water over an ice cube.
Dangle a piece of thread over the ice cube so it lies on top of the ice cube.
Sprinkle salt over the area where the thread touches the ice.
Lift the thread and watch how the ice cube is raised too, just like a fishing rod in a frozen pond.

Step 4: Conclusion

Why did this happen? The salt needed energy to dissolve so it used heat energy from the water. This lowered the temperature of the water causing it to freeze. And because the thread was right there during the process of freezing, it was frozen onto the ice cube. This transfer of energy during a reaction is called enthalpy.