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How To Grip A Badminton Racquet

How To Grip A Badminton Racquet

A good grip on a badminton racquet can improve your shot as well as prevent injury. This video shows you how to grip a badminton racquet.

Hi, my name's John Webb, I've been a badminton coach for over fifteen years, and I'm going to show you some tips on how to play badminton. I'm going to tell you the correct way to grip a badminton racquet. What you need is a grip, generally I would recommend a Karakal grip but this is a Dunlop grip, it's a spongy grip, a little sticker like that, a rubber grip, and some scissors.

It's important to get a really good grip for the racquet, rather than just a thin, really bad grip that often the racquet comes with, because a really good grip makes you actually get a handle on the shot and be able to play the shot a lot more. Also, a good grip, a spongy grip like this, actually helps prevent blisters and any injury to the hand. So, as well as getting good shot, it really helps prevent injury.

So let me run through how to grip a racquet. So, unfold your Karakal or Dunlop grip, nice and spongy. What you're looking for is to start at the thin end, not the fat end.

So you start with the thin end, you take off the underneath part so it's nice and sticky there, and then you start right at the bottom. So this is right on the edge of the racquet. And then you start winding it round, but pull it nice and tight.

And then you're winding it round, and then when it gets to this bit, you're just overlapping it but pull it nice and tight so there's no gaps, there's no air, so it runs round really nice and tight. When you get to the top, at the end of the grip, there's going to be some actually left over. So don't use all the grip, but just wrap it to the top of the racquet, and then you just want to cut, just snip the top bit off with a pair of nail scissors or something, so it's wrapped round to the top.

Then once it's at the top, put this little sticker, and wrap it round and seal it in so it's like that. So the end result would be that it's a grip that's nicely round, there's no overlaps, it's nice and tight, it's run to the bottom, and you just put your sticker at the top so it's nice and sealed. So it's really firm, really spongy, and nice to hold. .