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How To Grip The Ball To Bowl Fast

How To Grip The Ball To Bowl Fast

Grip The Ball To Bowl Fast. A fast delivery can beat the bat and hopefully take a wicket, here's how to do it! This technical know-how will give you the basics to improve your cricket bowling and cause the batsmen problems.

Step 1: You will need

  • A cricket ball
  • A wicket to aim at
  • A measured pitch

Step 2: Finger position

Hold the ball with two fingers either side of the seam, with the thumb underneath.
The next two fingers fold softly into the palm of your hand

Step 3: Ball position

You will also want to have a finger's width in between the palm of your hand and the back of the ball.
Gripping the ball too tightly will make it hard for the ball to roll out of your fingers.
Holding it too loosely will mean less control over the ball.

Step 4: The wrist

As the ball leaves your hand you want your wrist to be cocked back and locked so that the ball rolls as you bring the ball down and out of the fingers to put backspin on the ball.
With this backspin, once the ball hits the ground it will hopefully hit the seam whilst the spin will generate extra bounce.
This extra bounce will cause batsmen problems.

Step 5: A ball of two sides

Keeping the seam straight also means that you might be able to swing the ball.
The air will travel more quickly past the shiny side .
So If you keep one side shiny the ball will swing one way or the other.

Step 6: Ready to play