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How To Grip The Bat

How To Grip The Bat

How To Grip The Cricket Bat. The correct grip is vital to providing yourself with a full range of shots, letting you hit a bowler all over the ground! An introduction to the simple techniques connected to this wonderful sport.

Step 1: You will need

  • A cricket bat
  • A pair of cricket gloves
  • A pair of cricket pads
  • A helmet
  • A thigh pad
  • A box

Step 2: Left or right-handed?

The grip principles are the same for right and left-handers. For a right-hander the left hand should be at the top of the handle

Step 3: Check the V

Form a "V" by pointing the thumb and forefinger of you top hand down between outside edge and centre of back of bat.

Step 4: The grip

After you have put your top hand on the bat bring the second hand onto the bat. Check both your hands are fairly close together on the bat, towards the top of the handle.

Step 5: Getting comfortable

The top hand rests comfortably on the inside of the front thigh - this is the left thigh for the right-hander...

Step 6: Ready to play