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How To Groom And Smarten Up Hairy Eyebrows

How To Groom And Smarten Up Hairy Eyebrows

Eyebrow plucking and male grooming needn't strike fear into the heart of a man. Here's our gentleman's guide on how to tame hairy eyebrows

Step 1: You will need

  • A Mirror
  • Toner
  • Cosmetic Pads
  • An Eyebrow brush
  • Tweezers

Step 2: Apply Toner

Apply a toner to the brow area. Start from the temple and brush against the direction of growth. Then repeat in the opposite direction. Toner removes the natural oils from the eyebrow and makes it easier for the tweezers to grip the hairs.

Step 3: Dry

Use a cosmetic pad to dry the eyebrow, first wiping against the growth, then repeat in the opposite direction. Brush the hairs back into place using the eyebrow brush.

Step 4: Pluck

Bring your face as close as possible to the mirror. When you pluck, hold your hand away from your face so you can see what you're doing. Stretch the skin as taught as possible. This will pull the hair upright and make it easier to pluck. Decide on your first victim, take a firm grip with the tweezers and pull away sharply. You should always pluck in the direction of growth.

Step 5: Take your time

Take things slowly, removing one hair at a time. Focus on tidying rather than shaping. Remove stray hairs from underneath and around the sides of the brow.

Step 6: Apply Toner

When you've finished plucking, apply toner a second time to the plucked areas. This will reduce redness and close the pores by cooling the skin. Dry off any excess toner with a cosmetic pad.