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How To Grow Camellias

How To Grow Camellias

If you want to have beautiful lush camellias, follow the advice of the horticulturist in this video. He explains how to manage a camellia all year long.

Today, I'm going to show you how to grow camellias. Camellias are elegant evergreen shrubs with attractive foliage and stunning flowers. Some camellias are not fully hearty, so to find out which cultivar you have and, if necessary, provide some winter protection, camellias need moist well-drained acidic soil or soil-based compost to thrive.

When you're planting a camellia in your garden, make sure the soil is acidic enough by using a soil pH testing kit. Camellias prefer a very sheltered site in light but not full shade. Keep camellias well watered, especially while the flower buds are forming, otherwise the buds might drop off.

Water with rain water or mange water with an acidic lower pH value. Feed camellias a couple of times a year with a feed for ericaceous plants. Feed them in spring and in summer.

If you don't have the correct soil in your garden for growing a camellia, you can grow them in a pot like this one here using some ericaceous compost specifically for camellias. Camellias don't need much pruning but you can trim back shoots to create the desired shape after flowering. Just cut back to a suitable set of leaves.

Prune the camellia to the desired shape, cutting back to a nice healthy pair of leaves. And that's how you grow a camellia. .