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How To Grow Carnations From Cuttings

How To Grow Carnations From Cuttings

Carnations or pinks are pink flowers which are really attractive, and they give out a nice and fragrant smell. In this video, a horticulturist will show you how to grow them.

Today, I'm going to show you how to grow carnations and pinks from cuttings. Carnations or pinks, as they are sometimes known, evergreen drought tolerant plants, they have nice fragrant colorful flowers. What you do if you want to propagate them is in mid- to late summer, all you do is take a non-flowering shoot, say this one for example, grab a hold of the top, hold it at the base and just pull like this.

You have a little cutting. You peel off the lowest set of leaves and then just dip them into some prepared pots of compost like this. Just take another one, strip off the basil leaves and put them in the compost like that.

We then water them. They now need to be placed either in a cold frame or a propagator and covered, which stops the water loss from the leaves, kept at about 15 degrees Centigrade, and they should be rooted within a few weeks. Once they're rooted, they can be planted out and those plants will flower next year.

And that's how you grow carnations from cuttings. .