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How To Grow Jalapenos

How To Grow Jalapenos

Garden expert Gill Oliver gives tips on how to start growing jalapeno peppers from seeds. The presentation includes materials needed, planting, composting and optimal growing conditions.

Today, I'm going to show you how to grow jalapenos. The principle is the same, whether you're growing bell peppers, chilli peppers or jalapenos, and you'll need your packet of seeds, you'll have some instruction on the back. But what you'll need is a seed tray, propagator, and some seed compost.

Firstly, you fill your seed tray and ensure that the compost is nice and moist. Level out the compost in your seed tray. This compost is nice and moist, so I won't need to water it in.

Fill it up a little bit more, compact the compost down to about an inch below the top of the seed tray. Your seeds will come in a foil container, which means that they'll be nice and fresh. And when you sow your seeds, make sure that they're evenly distributed throughout the seed tray.

As you can see, they're tiny little seeds, so you do need to be very careful with them. Just pop them on the surface of the compost at regular intervals; and then when you've sown them, just put a sprinkling of compost over the top. Ever so gently, pat that down, making sure that you don't displace the seeds.

Peppers are a tropical plant, so they need warmth. All seeds need warmth to germinate, so the best thing to do with them is to put them in a propagator and place them in a windowsill that's out of direct sunlight but still nice and bright and nice and warm. The seeds should germinate within 14-21 days.

Now, these have been growing for a little bit longer than that. When the seedlings are large enough, you need to prick them out and pot them into their own little cells or into individual pots. As I said before, they're a tropical plant, so they do grow better either in a greenhouse or on a hot, warm windowsill.

From the time that you've transplanted your jalapenos into their individual pots, it'll take about 12-14 weeks before your harvest is ready. And that's how you grow jalapenos. .