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How To Grow Olive Trees

How To Grow Olive Trees

Olive trees are evergreen plants that can be grown in your garden very easily and you have to take good care of the plant every now and then. These tips will help you out.

Today, I'm going to show you how to grow an olive tree. Olive trees are evergreen and they grow up to 12 meters tall. They are best grown in areas where the temperature ranges between 5 and 25 degrees Centigrade.

Olive trees like long hot summers and intensified winter temperatures no lower than minus 5 Centigrade. When growing in the open soil, the soil does not need to be good. Poor soil with low fertility is fine.

Olives are self-fertile and don't need another plant close by. Olive trees can also be grown in a pot like this one here. Because the amount of growing media is limited in a pot, it needs to be a bit more fertile.

If you feed pot grown olives once a month with a liquid feed and pot it on into a bigger pot every few years. Also water young olive trees regularly in dry weather for the first two to three years after planting them. Olives can be planted when they are green or when they turn black.

So that's how you grow an olive tree. .