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How To Grow Roses

How To Grow Roses

This VideoJug film is aimed to teach you how to grow roses. Follow this two-minute tutorial so it will help you get the loveliest roses.

Roses have a bit of a reputation for being hard to grow. It's true that it requires a bit of maintenance but they are really not that hard to grow even for a beginner. You just have to learn how to look after them.

If you are a beginner, choose a shrub or a climbing rose as they are much easier to grow than hybrid tea roses which can be a bit temperamental. Plant your roses in the spring. Dig the soil well.

Choose a well drained soil with lots of composts. They prefer a pH level of 5.5 to 7 so that's a slightly acid to a neutral soil.

Add some bone and chicken when you are going to do planting as well. When you are planting bulb root roses, make sure you soak the root bulb overnight. When you're planting roses, make a large hole so that you can spread the roots right out and cut out any root that are broken or damaged.

You must keep the roses well watered and free from weeds during the summer. You do need to prune roses to keep them in a really good condition but don't get worried about this. The most important thing is that you keep the plants free of dead, diseased wood and out of branches that are crossing and a little bit spindling.

Shrub roses are much simpler than other roses; you just need to keep them in shape. They don't need to be hard pruned unless they get overgrown. Other roses, yes, you do need to prune them a little bit harder.

Prune them in the autumn or in the spring. First of all, cut out any dead branches. Remove then all out to the base of the bush.

Next, cut out all or 5 of the main healthy stems and remove them completely. Then cut those them back by about a third or a half, depending on how large you want the plant to grow. Make all of your cuts to an outward facing bud.

Roses are really hungry feeders, so make sure you fertilizer them regularly during the growing season. Give them a liquid feed. You can buy a specialized rose feed from the garden center.

Just follow the instructions on the package. They also need lots of water. If you put down a really good mulch around the base of the rose, they'll need lot less water because the mulch will help to retain the water in the soil.

When the roses are flowering, make sure you deadhead it. Deadheading is simply removing the faded flower blooms which will encourage it to produce more flowers. Start fertilizing the plants early in the autumn otherwise it will just put on lots of leafy growth because it will be taken out in the frost.

So, yes, roses do require a little bit of attention but they are really worthy effort because they are so pretty. This VideoJug film is aimed to teach you how to grow roses. Follow this two-minute tutorial so it will help you get the loveliest roses.