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How To Grow Seeds Indoors

How To Grow Seeds Indoors

In this video, a professional gardener will show you various methods to plant and grow all kinds of seeds indoors.

Today, I'm going to show you how to grow seeds indoors. The first thing you do is to prepare a seed tray with some seed compost in, or you can use individual pots like this here, they've also got seed compost in. If you're using the seed tray, sprinkle the seeds over the surface of the compost, or if you're using pots, you can put an individual seed into the pot like that.

Then cover the seed compost with some more seed compost from a sieve, like this, so it's nice, fine compost covering the seeds. Or again, if you've used the pots, just cover the seeds that you've put into the pot with a bit of compost, like that. Once you've put the seed compost into the tray, just firm it down nicely with a piece of wood like this, creating a nice level surface on which the seeds can germinate on.

Once you've got the seed compost in the seed tray, you need to allow it to soak up some water from the base. So, here, I have another tray into which I put my seed tray, and it has soaked up the water, ready for me to plant the seeds into. Once the seeds have germinated, here I have some that I sowed about a week or so ago, you then can pot them on into larger pots, if you've started them in the seed tray, just like so.

Just be very gentle with them. Pot them on into a bigger pot, and then they're ready to grow on and move outdoors. And that's how you grow seeds indoors. .