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How To Grow Wisteria

How To Grow Wisteria

If you ever wanted to have a beautiful flowering plant that can climb, Wisteria is a great choice. In this short tutorial, you are given some great tips on how and where to plant your Wisteria. Watch now so you can brighten up your archways or pergolas for years to come.

Today, I'm going to talk to you a little bit about Wisteria. It's a very familiar plant especially at this time of year. It's a fantastic climber and looks wonderful whether it's growing over a pergola or an archway or up the front of a house.

And when you first buy your Wisteria and you get it home, before planting it, you want to put the pot, submerge it in water for about 10 minutes to make sure the whole root ball is soaked through. That will do the plant such a lot of good. When it comes to putting it in the ground, you want to choose a site that's either full sun or partial shade.

They don't like deep shade, so just be aware of that when you choose your position for planting. Dig your hole, sort of, about twice the width that the pot is already and then place it in the hole. Back fill with a nice sort of organic material mixed in the soil that you've taken out of the hole to plant the Wisteria.

Your Wisteria is going to need some support as it climbs up, either a trellis or even some wires up just to allow the plant to take hold. It's a twining plant. It's not like an ivy, it's not invasive, and it doesn't sucker to the building or to the pergola wherever you've grown it.

So therefore, it does need to be tied in and you do need to prune Wisteria to encourage them to flower. You need to do a summer prune in sort of August/September time and then you also need to do a winter prune at around December time. This then puts the energy into producing new flowers in the spring rather than foliage on the stems that were already there.

It's a very impressive plant and will give you years and years of pleasure as long as you look after it. And that's how you grow a Wisteria. .