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How To Hack A 12 Volt Battery

How To Hack A 12 Volt Battery

You will be surprised what's inside a 12 volt battery! An easy hack that will save you money!

Step 1: 12-Volt Battery

In my other battery hack video, I showed you how a 9-volt battery could save the day. Well, it's time for another cool trick, this time with a small 12-volt battery.

Step 2: Cost

This is one of the easiest hacks to do, and it'll save you about $40. I picked up two A23 12-volt batteries for less than $2.

After splitting the case with a screwdriver and peeling it back, what you'll find inside are eight 1.5-volt button cell batteries.

I found the matching battery for $4.99 at an electronics store. I was able to power up these 6 devices with the batteries I hacked from the 12-volt battery! And I saved about $40! Cheap and easy with a big payoff: the 12-volt battery hack.