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How To Hack A Digital Camera

How To Hack A Digital Camera

VideoJug user KipKay shows you how to hack a one time use digital camera. This money saving idea will allow you to take a disposable digital camera, and hack into it so you can use it again and again.

Step 1: Get A One Time Digital Camera

In this project, I'm going to show you how to take a one time digital camera that you find in drug stores and camera stores and hack it so you can use it over and over again all for about twenty bucks.

Step 2: Connect The Camera To The Computer

On the bottom of the camera you're going to find a little sticker that talks about processing and how it cannot be hooked up to a TV or a computer. Well, peel that little sticker off and what you'll find inside is a connecter that is used to download the photos at the store.
Then you're going to need to find a palm series cable for the palm M-100. That's the connector we are going to use to plug into the camera. Then, you are also going to need a USB connector that has the type B female connector on the end. And you're going to cut that connector off exposing four wires, a white, black green and red one.
And following this diagram you're going to solder them onto the M-100 connector. Starting at pin 1 is black, white, and green. Then pin 5 is red. Now you've made the cable that is going to plug into the camera and into the computer. You can also look on some auction sites and see if you can find the cable pre-made.

Step 3: Find The Software

Now you need to Google for two pieces of software, PV2 Tools, and Clear to Receive. Download these free programs and install them. If you Google the word "camerahacking" and you will come to a site where you can get all the exact specific details about installing the software and making it work for the camera.

Step 4: Other Tips

You can change the look of the menus and font the camer uses and you can also change the focus for closeups. But best of all you can take pictures and download them to your computer over and over again. The photos turn out pretty good and you've just made a pretty good spy camera.