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How To Hack A DVD Player

How To Hack A DVD Player

KipKay shows VideoJug users how to hack into a DVD player to change the viewing region it's programmed for. By accessing the secret menu on the DVD player, you can watch any DVD from anywhere in the world, so enjoy!

Step 1: Access Secret Menu

I'm going to show you how to access the secret menu on your DVD player so you can watch a DVD from any region in the world.

Every DVD is formatted with a special region for different locations around the world. After changing the regional code, you can buy one of the less expensive DVDs that have special features that are not available where you live.

Step 2: Test

Now I chose my little cyberhome DVD player as a test and it worked like a charm.By pressing a combination of keys on my remote control, I was able to access the secret menu where I can select a region code and watch a DVD from any region in the world.

Step 3: Database

There's a database on the Videohelp website under videohelp.com/dvdhacks.php There, you'll find a database containing hundreds of DVD players and the secret codes to enter to access the menu where you can change your DVD region.

Step 4: Different Players

Keep in mind, this doesn't change the video format. NCSC discs will only play in NCSC players and PAL discs only in PAL players.

So get the codes and try it out with your DVD player!