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How To Hack A Toy Radar Gun

How To Hack A Toy Radar Gun

Hack a Hot Wheels Radar Gun and turn it into something more versatile. A great toy radar gun can be created in little time and effort.

Step 1: Toy Radar Gun

I bought a Hot Wheels Toy Radar gun to see how much of a toy it was,and discovered it really is a great little radar gun that shoots dopler radar. But it has its limitations. So its time to hack it.

First I took it apart by drilling out the plastic caps that cover the screws. Once apart you'll see the the wave guide, display, switch, and the battery holder. I have made a note of all the locations and disassembled the wiring from the toy.

Then, I found a cheap drink bottle that will serve as the new wave guide housing. After cutting off one end, I tthen drilled four holes. I then picked up a quarter inch by twenty cupler nut and matching bolt and washers.

Also a mini toggle switch and a double A battery holder was needed to complete the toy radar gun. After painting an old Altoids tin black, a square hole was cut in the back of the tin with my Dremal.

To secure the wave guide, a bolt was welded on. Then I secured the display to the Altoids tin using the original screws. After soldering the new wiring to the old locations, it was time to assemble it

Step 2: Assemble Gun

I intalled the tripod mount, the mini toggle switch, and ran the wiring through a center hole. After installing the wave guide, I ran the wiring through the Altoid tin top and secured the wave guide with a nut.

After completing all the wiring it was time to test it out. It works great. Now you just turn it on instead of having to hold the trigger .And with four double A battaries insted of four triple A battaries, I got more run time out of it. And I even used a homemade shoe mount to attach it to a video camera. Even cops don't have one of these. There's my hacked Hot Wheels Radar Gun.