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How To Half Treble Crochet

How To Half Treble Crochet

Improve your crocheting skill! This crocheting demonstration video shows you how to crochet the UK half treble stitch (US half double).

After the double crochet, the next tallest stitching crochet is the half treble. I'm going to show you how to make the half treble stitch. We're going to begin by making two chains at the end of the row.

We're going to wrap the yarn around the hook and pull through. To make a chain, you don't insert into anything, you just yarn over the hook and pull through the hook. We've made two chains here.

Then we're going to turn our work towards us, like we're reading a book, so you just pass that towards you. We're going to work back across the top of the line of stitches that we've made already. We're going to build on ourselves and work back across this row.

This is how crochet builds on itself. You go back and forth across the row, growing as you go. So for the half treble stitch, UK half treble, we're going to begin by wrapping our yarn around the hook before we insert it into the stitch.

We're going to go around the hook, and then we're looking for the second stitch in the row. So, that's the first one, that's the second stitch. That's the one you're looking for.

This time, we're going to insert our hook underneath both legs of the V of that stitch. See that clearly? So you're sort of inserting from the side, and getting under both legs of the V of that stitch. You're then going to yarn around the hook, and pull back through just the stitch.

So you've got three loops on the hook. Then, you're going to yarn over again, and pull through all three of those loops. Let's do that again.

Yarn around the hook first. Insert into the stitch. Make sure you get under both legs of the V.

Yarn around the hook and pull back through the stitch so you've got three on the hook. And then yarn over and pull through all three loops on the hook. Again, yarn over, insert, yarn over, pull back through the stitch, yarn over, pull through all three loops.

I'm going to carry on making the half treble across the row. Again, this is the UK half treble, equivalent to the US half double. This stitch is a little taller than the double crochet.

It works well for clothing. It has enough drape that it is attractive-looking, but still dense enough that you cannot see through it. Crochet fabric in general is a little bit thicker than knitted fabric.

So if you're already a knitter, you will find that your crochet work is a little bit thicker. Also you're going to go through yarn a lot faster, but it also grows a lot faster than knitting. I'm to the last stitch, you see the last V there, and I'm going to do my last half treble into that stitch.

That's a row of half trebles. That row begins there and is that tall, so you can see the difference between the double crochet and the half treble crochet. That was how to make the half treble crochet stitch. .