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How To Hammer

How To Hammer

The hammer is one of the most commonly used tools around the house. This guide explains how to properly use a hammer including the proper grip, process for hammering, and removing nails as well.

Okay, today we're going to learn how to use a hammer. Here in my hand, I have a heavy duty hammer. This would be used for heavy duty nails.

The way we use a hammer is making sure that we have the shaft of the hammer, or the handle of the hammer with a firm grip and making sure that our thumb follows down the shaft of the hammer like so. Okay, when we're hammering a nail, make sure that our thumb is pointing down along the shaft. Place the nail, minding the fingers as you nail.

The last thing you want to be doing is hitting the fingers with the hammer. A couple of nice taps and move your hand out the way, keeping a firm grip of the actual hammer. Hit the nail proud into the wood.

Put the hammer back down, and as you can see, that's nice and solid. This hammer has a claw on the back of it. This would be used to pulling the nail out of the wood if we'd had a problem.

So, for instance, if I nail this nail in and thought accidently oh, now what I've done is I've nailed that into the wrong piece of wood. What I can do is I can get the claw of the hammer and I can pull the nail out of the, out of the wood. And that essentially is what this claw bit of this particular hammer is used for.

Okay, and so that is how to hammer. I hope you found today helpful on the different techniques and methods of using certain tools for different D.I.

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