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How To Hang Curtains

How To Hang Curtains

Hanging a curtain is a common furnishing job in our household, but there are chances to meet with accidents at home while hanging curtains. In this video, this furnishing problem is solved by giving brief explanations on what to do and not to do while hanging curtains. So, follow this simple guide and learn to hang curtains faster and safer.

How to hang a curtain? When you are hanging curtains, you should remember that the curtain could be quite heavy and you are going up to a certain height with this article on top of you, on your shoulder. So, you must position your ladder properly so that it does not topple you over when you actually doing this. How to position the ladder? The safest position of a step ladder is to be square on to the window, so that it is facing the window.

So that when you go up the ladder with curtain on your shoulders, you can push against this top edge and it won't topple over. If this top fit is not positioned correctly, the ladder can quite easily fall over this way, taking you and the curtain with it. And many accidents have happened when people haven't got this right.

Before you take the curtain up the ladder, you must put the hooks in. It's much easier to put hooks in when you are on ground level and I have chosen these pin hooks to go on to that pole with the rings and the small rings in base where the pin hooks fit into. So, your pin hooks are in the curtain and the easiest way to carry a curtain up the ladder is to put it over your shoulder, either right or left, doesn't matter which.

With the heading facing the window and the curtain hooks in the right position, this way, you can carry, doesn't matter how heavy the curtain is, it's not in your way, it's not going to trip you and your shoulders are actually holding the weight instead of your arms when trying to hook the curtains onto the rings. And that is how you hang the curtains. .