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How To Harvest Beetroot

How To Harvest Beetroot

A practical guide to harvest beetroot. Top tips and great advice from Tom Coles at Capel Manor.

To do this you will need a garden fork

Beetroot can be harvested throughout the summer. Dig in at the side of the row and lever the fork back to lift the soil. Lift out the beetroot one at a time. Ideally they should be of golf ball size or bigger. Work your way along the row, throwing away any which have not yet matured, feel spongy, or are damaged.

Leave the beetroots on top of the soil for about 20 minutes to air dry. Then hold onto the stalks and twist off, leaving about 10 centimetres still attached, do not cut off as this will cause them to bleed.

Whenever possible, harvest vegetables during the cool part of the morning, and process or store them as soon as you can